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June 26, 2013

Two Tips for Summer Looks

With summer just around the corner we have a few tips and tricks to help your hair and makeup look its very best!

Casual Easy Summer Hair Styles

Summer is a very fun and busy time for most people. Time is simply something there is not always enough of. Even when a person is busy they often still want to look great when they leave to start their day. We don’t always have enough time to wash, dry, straighten or curl our hair. Summer is the perfect time for cute, easy and casual hairstyles. A lot of the style will depend on the length of hair you have. For shorter hair an easy way to style is to put product in and give it a cute, messy look. A fun, popular short cut is a pixie cut. The pixie cut is very low maintenance but cute and easy to style. For short to medium length hair a nice cut is a bob. Again, this cut is very fashionable and easy to style. For short and medium length hair you can always style with accessories including headbands, barrettes, bows or flower clips. Accessories are an easy way to dress up hair in a fun and casual way. For longer hair an easy style is a side braid. To do a side braid simply begin with a three strand French braid above the ear and braid to the bottom of the nape at an angle and finish all the way down the length of the hair. This braid can be dressed up with accessories and can be done in less than 10 minutes. If there is any natural curl or wave to the hair an easy way to style it is to simply put product in and go. Quick, easy and very stylish.

Ms. Wegner – Grand IslandXenon Campus Educator


Tips for Summer Make-up

As we all know summer is here. With all the heat and humidity it is tough to accomplish a fresh made up face. We esthetic students, here at Xenon, suggest using a light foundation such as crème to powder or powder foundation. Applying these foundations help to get a clean, luminous finish. Then, add a punch of bright color either on the lips or eyelids. Also, using bronzer will give you a sun-kissed look on your cheeks or eyelids. Finish your look with a light pink or soft coral lipstick. These tips we hope will help you achieve a gleaming summer look.

Brooke D. & Eryn H. – XenonGrand IslandCampus

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