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December 20, 2016

How to Be a Gentleman

A true gentleman is a breath of fresh air for women and men. Everyone likes someone who looks and sounds nice, and not to mention, is actually a nice person. You probably know the telltale signs of a gentleman such as things like letting a lady walk into a room first or walking an elderly woman across a street, but here are a few things you should be doing to take your gentleman status to the next level.

Hygiene, Hygiene, Hygiene

This is probably the first step to becoming a true gentleman. Basically, don’t smell bad. That means all parts of you, your body, your hair, and your breath.

Tame Your Facial Hair

Please gentleman, for the love of everything good, get your facial hair under control. Women love scruffy but tamed scruffy. No one wants to know what you had for lunch because your beard caught enough leftovers for supper. There are a variety products from Reuzel that can help you keep your beard in line.

Find a Good Barber or Stylist

Your hair should be just as in check as your beard. Finding someone to help you tame the mane is the place to start. A good barber or stylist should be able to help you create the perfect look for your style and personality. Ladies love a man who looks well put together.

Listen. . .Actually Listen

Put your phone down and give, whoever and whatever it is, your full attention. A gentleman should never give distracted interactions. Make eye contact, smile, and engage!

Make Promises and Keep Them

No one likes a promiser breaker. Prove that you are gentleman enough to keep a promise. It will build trust, and a little bit of trust can go a long way!

Be Punctual

If you’re not early, you’re late. Contrary to popular belief, being fashionably late is not a thing!

Walk Closest to the Curb

Everyone knows the long standing rule of holding the door open for someone but something that is rarely talked about is where you walk. A real gentleman should want to keep his lady safe, therefore, he will always make sure she is on the inside and he is walking closet to the curb.

Know How to Commit

Whether you’re committing to a movie date, a job, or simply what ice cream flavor you want, don’t be flakey. No one likes games, not even the ice cream man. Find what you want, get it, and commit to it!

Be Conscientious of Your Cologne

You are no longer a teenage boy who just hit puberty, lose the Axe. It’s time to invest in a real cologne. Although you might be thinking, “No way I am spending $80+ on one bottle of cologne!” But listen up, you’re paying for quality and that speaks volumes of your gentlemanly level. Now that we have established what kind of cologne to wear, let’s talk about how much to wear. Less is more! One to three spritz of your new found fragrance will be plenty to get you through the day!

Mind Your Manners

Gentleman are not rude, vulgar or disrespectful. So, keep your language PG-rated and chew with your mouth closed because you never know who you are leaving an impression on. Mind your Ps and Qs, men.

Tip Appropriately

Nothing screams ungentlemanly like a bad tipper. It plays back to the rule above: mind your manners. Regardless of the situation, whether you’re out to eat, getting a fresh haircut or getting your car detailed, these people are providing a service for you and it’s only appropriate to show your gratitude by leaving them a little extra something. FACT: The average tip is between 15% and 20%. Never tip less than 15%!

Have the Ability to Laugh at Yourself

Everyone makes mistakes and goofs up here and there. The most important thing is your ability to brush it off and laugh at your mistakes. As embarrassing as it was tripping up the stairs, at least you didn’t have something in your teeth the whole time. Laugh it off!

Invest in the Right Hair and Skin Products

Don’t be that guy who uses one product for his hair, face, beard and hopes it makes you smell good enough to skip the cologne. Find the right products for you. Talk to your barber or stylist for hair care products and find an esthetician to help you with your skincare.

Take Pride in Your Clothing

Quality over quantity, people. We’re not saying that you need to only roll with Armani suits but in the long run, paying for higher quality clothes will pay off. They last longer and look better, what more could you want?

Exert Confidence but not Arrogance

It is easy to tell the difference between arrogance and confidence. Avoid talking too much about yourself and your accomplishments, and stay humble when you’re given praise.

We are going to leave you with one final thought as you ponder your journey to becoming a gentleman,

Do have any thoughts on what makes someone a gentleman? Tell us in the comments! If you want to help gentlemen tame their manes, check out our cosmetology program.

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