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February 20, 2013

Catch Up With Xenon Students in 2013 – A Look Back

We have had an amazing year at Xenon academy, with a 2013 that is full of amazing experiences and opportunities! You can read about our experience in New York, here.

Take a peek into the year we have had at Xenon, and when you are ready give us a call to see how you can build your own amazing year.

Most Important Thing I Learned While Attending Xenon

It’s so hard to just pick one amazing thing that I learned while I attended Xenon. I went in knowing nothing at all and came out with so much passion, and heart.  I made so many friends along my journey which turned into family that I got to share this experience with that will never be forgotten.

The most important thing I’d say that I learned was team building with clients and peers, and a new sense of pride and achievement in the work field that I will forever love.

I’m so happy I heard about Xenon, because it truly changed my life forever.

Nicole K-Xenon Graduate


Basics Class Fun Learning

During basics we have to cover all the “basics” of Cosmetology. At Xenon in Denver we like to spice it up a little bit and make it as much about learning while having fun. During the skin care unit, esthetics educator Jen throws a slumber party. The students come in their favorite pajamas and slippers and spend an entire day doing facials and skin care. On the fun scale, many of the students feel like this is the highlight of their Basics training. At the end of the day everyone is a little bit more relaxed in their new surroundings and a lot more knowledgeable about skin care.

Aurora Campus


My favorite thing about the Hair show

My favorite thing about the hair show was the participation by our students.  Matrix, Surface and Schwarzkopf all recruited our students to help at the show. Some were models but many of them worked in a variety of other capacities behind the scenes. The students were not only working the show, they were attending every class they could. While attending a class given by Jen Plank, Jen asked how many attendees were students. Xenon made up 2/3’rds of the student attendees. Our Xenon students not only attended, they willingly participated in the workings of the show. The experience that the students received will serve them well in the years to come and look really good on their resumes.

Patricia W-Aurora Campus



My favorite class is color. I love learning different techniques and ways to achieve new and exciting looks by using color. From formulating to applying to seeing the finished look! It all excites me and I enjoy seeing the looks on clients faces, when they see the transformation and how dramatically color can change a person’s entire look!


Kristy F – Grand Island Campus



As a relatively new student to the salon floor, I am still learning new and amazing things every day.  The amount of knowledge is endless and it is my job to absorb as much of it as possible during my time as a student at Xenon.  In pursuit of my success I was shown an incredibly interesting technique to a classic look.  Most people may be familiar with the “traditional” look of layers, typically worn in long hair design.  However many stylists, especially students may not be familiar with “over-directed” layers.  I was given the opportunity to not only watch this technique unfold, but to actually get my comb and shears in the client’s hair and perform this technique.  It was so very different, and took a minute to pick up on but it quickly came to me, and before I knew it I was sculpting with confidence and know-how.  The end result looked absolutely stunning on my client and she just had a whole new glow about her.  Watching how happy she was and seeing the cat-walk attitude as she checked out her new style was a feeling I cannot describe.  I was so happy for her, I was happy with my quality of work and most of all happy I was given an opportunity to learn something so neat and out of the box.

Crystal Reynolds


When did you know you wanted to be a stylist?

I remember when I was a kid and would watch my grandma work in her small town salon. I was fascinated with what I saw her do and how happy her customers were when they left. I loved seeing the transformation that took place and I knew then that I wanted to follow in my grandma’s footsteps. The idea of making people feel good about how they look is such a rewarding thought. There is no better way to put my mark on the world than to help people look the way they feel!

Kristy F. – Grand IslandXenon Campus Student


How fun are the students to work with?

Being an educator at Xenon is definitely a rewarding career. The students keep me on my toes on a daily basis.  Not only am I teaching them the knowledge I have acquired over the years, they teach me something new and challenge my ways of thinking every day!  They are a great group of students, who not only do their best to learn, but keep me laughing all day long.  Each and every one of them brings something unique to our school, which is what makes it fun.  Being a Xenon graduate myself, it is exciting to be on the other side of things, and be able to share my love for this industry with all of them!


Ms. Lacey – Grand IslandXenon Campus Educator


Favorite Class

 Caresse  is a Junior at Xenon Academy in Denver. Caresse’s favorite class is Junior Women’s haircutting. “All of our classes are amazing, but haircutting is so important in our industry. All of our instructors go into real depth about the benefits of each hair cut we do. They also teach us how to factor in a person’s hair color, texture, and density and how that effects the end result. I feel so confident and strong in my abilities because of the staff at Xenon.” Said Caresse.

Junior cutting is a favorite among many of our students. As Juniors they have a strong grasp on the basics of haircutting and love the challenges of learning more advanced techniques. We are fortunate to have a school with a large client base that allows the students to work on clients rather than mannequins.

Gretchen-Denver Campus

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